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What is Mitiga?

Mitiga is a platform that allows in a quick and standardized way to document the COVID status of the citizen (self-declaration of the state of health, antigen or molecular test for Sars-Cov 2)

Mitiga's purpose is to allow access to stadiums and entertainment venues only to people who have tested negative for a Sars-Cov 2 antigen test carried out at an authorized center, in a pre-established time frame prior to the event.
The authorization to enter takes place in a totally standardized and secure manner using an identification QR Code, without detecting additional sensitive information.
Allow access only to people who have had a vaccine or tested negative for the swab, drastically mitigates the risk of contagion.

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How Mitiga works

Register on Mitiga

Register your profile on the Mitiga app

Run the test

Get the rapid antigen test at a Mitiga-enabled center

View the results

View the test result directly on the platform, the system automatically generates an identifying QR code

Show the QR code

Show the QR code at the entrance of the event you want to attend and log in safely

The advantages of Mitiga

  • Mitiga is designed to guarantee data privacy according to GDPR:

    • Data is stored or shared only with explicit informed consent
    • Only the minimum amount of personal information necessary is displayed for each access, first name, last name, photo of the user for recognition
    • The health information is stored only in pharmacies and analysis laboratories or on the user's phone.
    • The data is used only to ensure access to events and never for other purposes

  • At the moment the results of the tests for COVID-19 are often shown on printed paper, or through photos of the documents, without certainty about who and how they were carried out, making the control very complex.
    There is no standard format or a system that certifies test results. The same thing happens for vaccinations that are often presented on paper.
    To allow events to be held with the public, a reliable technological tool is needed to validate the health of the spectators at the entrance.

  • Since March 2020, following the government restrictions to contain the spread of the virus, it is not possible to attend events with the general public such as sporting events and concerts.
    It is easy to imagine the negative economic impact suffered by the sector big events, from sport, from live music. In Italy alone, the revenues from professional football are around € 300 million, for live concerts around € 755 million.
    The desire to be able to return to normality is great but clashes with the necessary measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.
    Mitiga uses technology and health information to allow safe access to events.

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