Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mitiga

Mitiga is an app created to help us return to live community experiences such as concerts, matches, events in general, in complete safety. Thanks to the QR Code scan, it is possible to allow access only to negative users to a certified diagnostic test for the Covid-19 virus.

How does the Mitiga app work?

Once registered to the service, the user can search in the app for analysis labs and pharmacies affiliated with Mitiga.
The user can go to the authorized centers to carry out a rapid or molecular swab and ask for the registration of any negativity on the platform.

The system, following the entry made by the authorized center, automatically generates an identification QR Code that will appear in the user's profile.

The QR Code may be required for the on-access scan of the event.

How does the QR code entry procedure take place?

The user shows the identification QR Code to the auditor present at the event access. After scanning it, the controller will display the user's "Covid Status", the initials of the first name and last name and the profile photo registered on Mitiga. It will be enough to verify the correct identity of the subject to guarantee access or not.

Does the use of the Mitiga app replace the rules relating to the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus?

Absolutely not. The Mitiga platform is a further tool for mitigating the risk of contagion in view of a return to normality. It does not in any way replace the rules of social distancing, use of personal protective equipment and hand hygiene.

How is my privacy protected?

The data will be processed only with the express consent of the interested party and in compliance with the Italian and European regulations in force regarding privacy and the processing of personal data (for further information read the privacy policy).

Any data possibly processed and collected will be stored on a private and protected server located in Italy.

Does the app track my movements?

No, the app does not track your movements and does not store information related to scans of your QR Code.

Is Mitiga run by the government?

No, Mitiga is a non-government app, but it operates in compliance with government and health laws and protocols.

Does Mitiga work in all countries?

Mitiga is currently an app designed to operate on the Italian territory but it is the idea of ​​the developers to extend its use in Europe.

Do I have to pay to use Mitiga?

No. Mitiga is a completely free app for users.

Is it possible to read the same QR code several times?

No, every time a QR Code is used it is canceled and a new one is generated. In this way, access to subjects other than the holder of the QR Code is not allowed.

Does the app make medical diagnoses or give medical advice?

No, Mitiga cannot diagnose. Tests are carried out in authorized centers, analysis labs and pharmacies. The app only allows easier and safer control of the user's "Covid Status".

Can minors use the app?

No. The profile of the minor aged 14 can be associated with that of the parent in the "Profile" section of the Mitiga APP, under "Add relative". No QR code will be generated for minors but will be associated with that of the parent.

Where can I download Mitiga? What devices and operating systems are supported?

Depending on your smartphone, you can download Mitiga from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery. You can check the prerequisites to install the app in the Download section of the site.

Is there a special price for the tampon for Mitiga users?

No. Each pharmacy or lab decides its pricing policy on the basis of regional provisions.

What can I do if there are no Mitiga authorized centers in my area?

We set up new authorized centers every day. Tell us your needs so we can focus on your area!

Can I upload or have the result of a negative swab carried out at a non-Mitiga authorized center on the Mitiga platform uploaded?

No. We use affiliated centers to ensure maximum system reliability. If there are no authorized centers nearby, let us know so we can focus on your area!

What to do if I made a mistake in entering a data during registration?

- E-mail: the registration is successful but you cannot access the application. CONTACT US. Do not make a new registration because the same tax code cannot be registered multiple times.

- Phone number: the registration of the profile was in any case successful. Log in using your chosen credentials, then click on "+" at the top right and enter a new phone number. You will receive a confirmation email to be approved. Both will remain valid, so remember to select the correct one when logging in

- Personal data: once registration has been completed it is no longer possible. CONTACT US

How do I upload the certificate of complete vaccination or that of recovery?

You do not have to physically upload the certificate through a photograph or upload. On the "PROFILE" section click on "DECLARATION OF HEALTH" and scroll to select your choice. Remember that you will have to show the certificate together with a valid identity document at the entrance to the event.

Haven't received the registration email?

- If the email address you entered is correct, check that the email is in spam.

- If the email address is incorrect, the registration is successful but you cannot access the application. Do not make a new registration because the same tax code cannot be registered multiple times. CONTACT US